Leo Plays "Lorena"                 24x36" oil on canvas                           2001  


    Leonard Coulson takes care of business at Intermountain Guitar and Banjo in Salt Lake City.  His is not only a fine musician, but a skilled banjo builder and restorer.  He is playing on a vintage Fairbanks Vega # 9 five string banjo.  I enjoyed everything about the painting except doing the strings.  

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    I've added a page with two close-ups and comments about this painting.  Click on the picture below to go there.  For you five string open-back banjo aficionados (you both know who you are) one close-up features the inlaid peghead.  The other shows Leonard's head.  You won't be interested in that.

     The rest of you are  going to have to be really interested or have a high speed internet connection though.