I recently made three new wood palettes.  Actually my friend Rick Holmes did all of the cutting and most of the sanding.  Since he is an M.D. and has a garage full of the finest tools, who am I to interfere with a man who could easily make me a better wooden leg.  The photo above shows two of the finished palettes after I stained them with burnt sienna oil paint and applied about four coats of tung oil front and back and then fine sanded the surface.  I bought a superb piece of 1/8 inch birch plywood at a model airplane shop.  I wanted new palettes that were both feather light and able to balance on my thumb and forearm.  I'm right handed so these are designed for my left hand and arm.

      Thumb holes are precisely cut, beveled and finished to fit my thumb.  One doesn't want to paint with a numb-thumb!


     This is the lovely palette that inspired the design.  I bought it in London in 1984.  It is made out of mahogany and it's the very essence of palette elegance.   I busted it on a painting trip in 1998.  I didn't mean to.

     The lower palette is the third palette and is midsize between the two in the first photo on this page.  I've already started to use it and you can see the faint trace of paint buildup.  The upper palette is one of my well used older ones.   Over time paint residue builds up until the palette is a quiet grey color.   The great south east peninsulas on my new palettes help keep the things balanced.

  Had enough?